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January 25-26 2011, Project review and Steering Committee Meeting
Lead organiser for COPE: VTT

November 30-December 1 2010, Dissemination Event
COPE dissemination event will be in connection to the PSCE conference in Amsterdam 

More informaion:
Preliminary program

Lead organiser for COPE: BAE UK


September 21-24 2010, COPE Final Trial and SC7 Meeting
(SC 7 & MC 11/2010)
organised by ESC, Kuopio, Finland.


  • Monday Sept 20 2010
    Afternoon: Technical setup in ESC training grounds
  • Tuesday Sept 21 2010
    Morning: Scenario-based technical testing
    Afternoon: Training sessions, TTE pre-testing, SC7 meeting
  • Wednesday Sept 22 2010
    Morning: Introduction to COPE concepts, project and trial (quests invited to participate)

    Afternoon: Training & walkthrough, TTE rehearsal
  • Thursday Sept 23 2010
    Morning: Preparation for trial
    Afternoon: COPE final trial (quests invited to observe)
  • Friday Sept 20 2410
    Morning: Project internal post trial workshop
August 23-27 2010, Integration event
organised by BAE, Rochester, UK.
May 10-12 2010, SC Meeting and Integrated Test Trial
(SC 6 & MC 10/2010)
organised by ESC, Kuopio, Finland.
March 3-4 2010, SC and MC Meetings and workshops
(SC 5 & MC 9/2010)
organised by UTI, Bucharest.
December 8-9 2009, MC Meeting a teleconference
(MC 8/2009)
organised by BAE Systems, UK.
September 22-23 2009, Steering Committee (SC) and MC Meetings and workshops
(SC 4/2009 & MC 7/2009)
organised by CESS, Germany.
June 9-10 2009, Management Committee (MC) Meeting and workshops
(MC 6/2009)
organised by BAE C-ITS, Sweden.
March 3 2009, SC and MC Meetings and workshops
(SC 3/2009 & MC 5/2009)
Hosted by University of Dublin, Trinity College at Trinity Capital Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.
Dec 16 2008, MC Meeting and workshop
(MC 4/2008)
Hosted by Skysoft, Lisbon, Portugal.
Sep 23 2008, SC and MC Meetings and workshops
(SC 2/2008 & MC 3/2008)
Hosted by UTI Systems at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bucharest, Romania.
May 12 2008, MC Meeting and Cross-Project Workshop
(MC 2/2008)
Hosted by BAE Systems at Capital (Stirling Sq), London, UK.
Feb 27. – 29.2008, Kick-off Meeting and SC and MC Meetings
(Steering Committee Meeting (SC) 1/2008 & Management Committee Meeting (MC) 1/2008)
Hosted by VTT at Congress Centre Dipoli, Espoo, Finland.