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COPE Consortium
VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
VTT is an impartial multidisciplinary research organisation. VTT's technological focus areas are applied materials, bio and chemistry processes, information and communication technologies, industrial systems management, microtechnologies and electronics, and technology in the community.
human-technology interaction at VTT
BAE Systems, United Kingdom
BAE Systems is an international company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems. Two areas of BAE Systems are involved in COPE project: the Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) and Defence Avionics Systems (DAS).
BAE Systems C-ITS, Sweden
The offerings of Swedish BAE Systems, referred to as BAE Systems C-ITS ranges from complex systems integration to complete turnkey solutions including design installation, operation, training, maintenance, and support.
BAE Systems C-ITS
TCD, The University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland
The Aerospace Psychology research Group (APRG) of University of Ireland, Trinity college participates in COPE project. APRG hosts active collaboration between academic researchers and aviation practitioners in order to foster and develop research and good practice in relation to the human aspects of the aviation system.
UTI Group, Romania
The Security and Defence Systems division of UTI Group has R&D activities related to advanced technology management in the fields ranging from security management to integrated building management. The core of the R&D activity is the Network Centric Management and Control Concept.
GMV, Portugal
Skysoft Portugal is a small size company with a long-standing experience of providing critical systems and software technology for the aeronautics and space industry, especially in the navigation field. Skysoft is also a well known ESA supplier.
CESS, Centre for European Security Strategies, Germany
CESS is an SME with a core team of security experts and a network consultants. It provides contributions to a wide range of security and risk related problem areas. The Centre has been created with the objective to provide strategic, operational and technical security, and risk management expertise.
IGSU, General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Romania
General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES) is a department of Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform. GIES is part of the national emergency management system which sets up, organises, and directs the prevention and management of the emergency situations, the assurance and coordination of human, material and financial resources.
ESC, Emergency Services College, Finland
ESC provides training in rescue services including emergency response centre dispatchers. The ESC R&D Unit is in charge of the coordination of the research activities within the Rescue Services in Finland. Its expertise areas are telecommunications within emergency services, hazma, and dealing with transboundary incidents.